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The Perfect White Wine to Serve at an End-of-Summer Party September 15, 2017

Upper West Side, Manhattan
The Perfect White Wine to Serve at an End-of-Summer Party, Manhattan, New York

Hosting a late-summer soiree to celebrate the changing seasons? Stop by your local wine shop and showcase your immaculate hosting skills by adding a crisp white wine to the menu. Here are a few reasons Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice for hosting a party this September. 

3 Reasons to Serve Sauvignon Blanc

Pairs Well With Warm-Weather Favorites

Hummus, guacamole, and goat and brie cheese are among the most popular food accompaniments for summer parties. When accompanied with crunchy vegetables, prosciutto, and salami, these condiments can leave behind heavy and salty flavors. Pairing them with the vibrant accents of Sauvignon Blanc breaks down their saltiness and cleanses your palate. The beverage also goes well with seafood entrées, including halibut and shrimp.

Brightens Up the Palate

wine shopThe perfect blend of herbal and fruity essence gives this beverage vibrancy. Popular accents include grapes, gooseberry, grapefruit, and hints of lemon. Herbal components, like yeast, grass, and oak intensify the brightness of fruity flavors.

Cuts Through Fatty Foods

Fried and buttery foods are tasty, but their fatty content can often leave an unpleasant taste after you’re finished eating. Sauvignon Blanc cuts through the oiliness and lightens the effect of fats and spices. That’s why it’s an ideal fit for heavy, curry-based main courses and desserts.


If you’re looking for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, the staff from Martin Brothers Wine & Spirits suggests a bottle from Wither Hills Marlborough New Zealand. Featuring a delightful combination of gooseberry, guava, and citrus, plus a dash of sea salt, this is an exuberant blend that’s perfect for the final days of summer. Since 1985, Martin Brothers wine shop has been the top choice in the Upper West Side. Visit their website for information about upcoming wine tastings, or call (212) 222-8218 if you have any questions about their current inventory. You can also connect with the New York wine shop on Facebook and Twitter.

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