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Child Custody Attorney Explains What to Do When Seeking Full Rights August 22, 2017

York, York
Child Custody Attorney Explains What to Do When Seeking Full Rights, York, Nebraska

When filing for a divorce, parents often have very passionate opinions on who cares for their children and how. In this case, there are certain steps you must take if you wish to assume full responsibility, and the child custody attorneys at Fillman Law Offices, LLC in York, NE, can help you devise a solid legal strategy.

Here, they share a few crucial steps to take if you are in this position:

Provide Pertinent Evidence

child custody attorneys If you believe you’re a better fit for full custody, you must submit evidence to that end. This can cover a range of areas, but the overall goal is to show that awarding you sole custody is in the best interest of a child. If there are past instances of abuse or neglect on behalf of your former spouse, these should be presented to the court. Since domestic violence also plays a role in the decision, make protective orders available for review.

Steer Clear of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

A history of drug or alcohol problems can deter your chance of being awarded full custody. It’s best to steer clear of these activities in general, but if they have been an issue in the past, you’ll need to show that you’ve taken the proper steps towards recovery. Attending a rehabilitation program and maintaining sobriety for an extended period goes a long way when attempting to show that you are a suitable parent. A child custody attorney can help you devise the best course of action if you have a history of substance abuse.

Maintain a Respectable Work History

Financial status also plays a significant role in upholding the best interests of a child. The parent seeking full custody must be able to show that he or she can cover a child’s material needs, as well as provide funding for education and health care. A spotty work history might suggest you can’t financially care for your child.

If you recently filed for divorce and need a strong advocate, the professionals at Fillman Law Offices, LLC are dedicated to fighting for your best outcome. In addition to their prowess in family law, they also help local clients implement wills and trusts and file a personal injury claim. Schedule your consultation with a York child custody attorney today by calling (402) 362-3618. You can also visit this firm online to learn more about the legal services they offer.

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