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3 Benefits of Selling Items to a Jewelry Buyer for Cash August 28, 2017

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3 Benefits of Selling Items to a Jewelry Buyer for Cash , Freehold, New Jersey

Do you have old rings, necklaces, and bracelets gathering dust in your drawer? Perhaps you have some estate jewelry you’d like to sell. Either way, trading in those pieces for cash with the jewelry buyers at American Coins & Gold has a host of benefits. With six locations in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, they’re one of the Northeast’s leading jewelry experts and will help you get the most from your used pieces.

Here are three reasons to sell to the jewelry buyers from American Coins & Gold: 

  • Practical: Keeping old jewelry piled up in your sock drawer or closet isn’t always practical, especially if you’re holding onto broken pieces you’ll likely never wear. Selling them will help you free up some space in your home and allow you to get something out of your gold and silver. 
  • jewelry buyerFast: You can also get rid of items quickly when you sell to a jewelry buyer. In most cases, when you bring in your used jewelry to American Coins & Gold, you’ll leave with cash in your pocket the very same day rather than waiting days or weeks for your pieces to be appraised at a traditional store. 
  • Profitable: Most jewelers will base the prices they give for items on the amount of precious stones they contain, so your gold or silver necklace might not be valued highly at such a location. But cash for gold shops like American Coins & Gold set their prices according to the fluctuations of the market, meaning you can make more money bringing your jewelry to them. 

To learn more about the items the jewelry buyers from American Coins & Gold are looking for, contact your nearest location today. To get a free appraisal on your ring, cuff links, watch, earrings, or another piece you no longer wear, visit them online

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