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3 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Residential Pest Control Company About Wasp Removal August 21, 2017

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3 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Residential Pest Control Company About Wasp Removal, McGehee, Arkansas

Finding a wasp’s nest in or around your home can be extremely stressful and dangerous, especially if you are allergic to them. This is a job best left to the professionals, but it’s still a good idea to ask questions to ensure the nest is removed safely and completely. Here are some important questions to pose when residential pest control experts come to your home.

How Long Will Removal Take?

Wasp removal is not as simple as removing the nest or wiping out the current population. Wasps are very territorial and will likely return to the same spot season after season. Therefore, your exterminator will most likely treat the nest first with an insecticide dust that will not only kill the existing wasps but also discourage others from returning to the nest. The treatment will need to be left for at least 24 hours before the nest can be removed. Afterward, there will likely be a few remaining wasps searching for food, but they will die off or leave after a few weeks.

Will the Nest Cause Damage to My House?

pest controlIf left untreated, a wasp’s nest can cause structural damage to residential buildings, creating a need for repairs. For example, if your walls or ceiling are made of plasterboard, they can become damp due to the wasps dropping food or bringing food back to the nest. Eventually, if the weight becomes too great, these structural pieces might give way. That’s why it’s important to remove the nest as soon as possible.

How Can I Prevent Wasps in the Future?

Wasps tend to make their nests from fallen fruit or exposed wood. Luckily, residential pest control experts say you can reduce the likelihood of nesting by removing these items. Additionally, if you have outdoor gatherings or parties, keep sweet drinks, foods, and garbage cans tightly sealed, as these are popular attractants for wasps.


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