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What Does It Mean When Your Bill Spikes? Electrical Repair Experts Explain September 1, 2017

Fairfield, Crawford
What Does It Mean When Your Bill Spikes? Electrical Repair Experts Explain, Fairfield, Pennsylvania

When you pay your electric bill every month, you may notice how it fluctuates with the seasons. However, if there’s a sudden spike in the total cost, you may need an electrical repair. There are a variety of reasons to call an electrician who can fix the issue so your wallet won’t suffer every month. It pays to learn why your bill may spike, so you can address the problem and get back to a lower rate.

What Does It Mean When Your Electric Bill Spikes?

Is Your Meter the Problem?

Call an electrical repair company and have them inspect the meter to ensure it’s not malfunctioning. Next, move on to your appliances. Everything from your air conditioner and heater to your microwave and washing machine may need repairs. An electrician can assess these machines to ensure they are working properly. Keep in mind, older appliances are not as energy-efficient, so they may require repairs more frequently.  Look at these devices first when you’re dealing with a high monthly electricity cost.

Are Loose Electrical Wires Affecting Your Bill?

electric repairsMake sure loose electrical wires aren’t to blame by asking your electrician to look in your basement. They should inspect the area to ensure no critters have broken in and damaged your breaker box. Finally, check your water heater. A bad heating element will suck up electricity at a much higher rate than normal and could pose a fire risk. Seek the help of a water heater repair technician to address the issue and reduce your next electricity bill. 

When dealing with electric repairs, it’s always a good idea to leave the problems to the professionals. That way, you can ensure your electrical wiring is intact, and your family can safely use all outlets, light switches, and appliances in your home.


For assistance determining why your bill has spiked, call Tipton’s Electric Heating and Air Conditioning at (814) 425-7083 or like the electrical repair company on Facebook for more information on their expert services in the Mercer, Venango, Erie, and Crawford counties.

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