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The Importance of Good Garden Irrigation July 11, 2017

Antelope Park, Lincoln
The Importance of Good Garden Irrigation, Lincoln, Nebraska

You're probably already familiar with everything your plant needs: good soil, sufficient sunlight, pollination, and of course, water. But one of these items is more important than the others. Most plants can scrape by with less-than-perfect soil or a few cloudy days, but without daily watering, your garden will quickly wilt. To prevent this, Whittemore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, recommends utilizing a garden irrigation system.

Garden IrrigationWhy is garden irrigation so important? Plants use water to maintain the internal pressure, which helps them stand upright and keep their shape. This is why plants wilt when they don’t have a sufficient water supply. Water also helps a plant's roots absorb necessary minerals so it can photosynthesis.

For best results, don't water your plants straight from the tap. Drinking water is treated with chemicals, which are hard on sensitive plants. If possible, a rainwater collection system is ideal for garden irrigation. Otherwise, pour the water you need, and leave it out overnight to let the chemicals evaporate and the pH settle.

Another way to minimize the ill effects of chemicals in the water is to water your garden correctly. Sprinklers may work for your lawn, but for your garden, water rainfall is not ideal. Focus on the ground at the root of the plants, not on the leaves. Ideally, you should water in the early morning, giving your plants several hours to absorb the water before the heat takes over. It’s also not a good idea to water your plants at night as moisture won’t absorb properly, which could result in fungal growth. 

Some small changes in your garden irrigation routine will make a huge difference in the growth and yield of your garden. For more advice and equipment to keep your garden green, contact Whittemore Sprinkler Company at (402) 476-8552, or visit them online.


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