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Tips for Successfully Growing Flowers in a Container Garden June 30, 2017

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Tips for Successfully Growing Flowers in a Container Garden, Quaker City, Ohio

Container gardening is simply the method of potting plants instead of placing them in the ground. It’s an attractive way to grow flowers and is easy enough for anyone to do. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your property, this is a great solution. However, to make sure your garden flourishes, there are some important steps you must follow. For residents in and around Quaker City, OH, Sunnyside Greenhouse is the perfect place to find a wide variety of flower options, as well as all the accessories necessary to create a beautiful yard.

Here are some of the center’s best tips for successfully growing a flower container garden:

  • Choosing the Right Containers: The key to choosing the right containers for your flowers is making sure they have enough drainage. This will make a significant difference in how long your plants live. There should be several holes or one fairly large hole in the bottom of every pot to allow excess to water drain out. Without good drainage, the roots can drown. 
  • flowersFocus on Watering & Fertilizing: Once you’ve set up your pots, added quality potting soil, and transferred your flowers from their nursery container, it’s time to focus on watering and fertilizing. Container gardens tend to require more watering than in-ground plants. You’ll want to water when the soil is dry and make sure the water reaches the roots. Fertilizing is also vital so the flowers don’t starve. A slow-release fertilizer can be mixed into the soil and a liquid fertilizer added once a week.
  • Do Deadheading: Both annual and perennial flowers will benefit from deadheading. This simply means removing old, faded blooms from the plant, which will encourage it to keep producing new ones. On larger plants, you can pinch off individual dead flower heads with your fingers or pruning shears. On smaller plants, it’s best to cut back the whole thing to one-third of its size.
  • Plant the Proper Flowers: While you can grow just about any type of flower in a container, if you’re going to have more than one kind in the same pot, it’s essential to make sure you’re pairing them properly. They should all require the same amount of water and sunlight so each of them is taken care of accordingly. Otherwise, it’s likely they won’t all thrive.

Container gardening is ideal for growing colorful and aromatic flowers on your property. Contact Sunnyside Greenhouse at (740) 489-5046 with any questions you might have about starting a container garden, or visit them online to see a list of products they carry.

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