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3 "Musts" for Audition Prep November 10, 2017

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3 "Musts" for Audition Prep, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

   Do you have an important audition coming up?  Maybe you are trying out for All-State Band or Orchestra, preparing an audition for a college scholarship, or maybe you have been working to be first chair in your section. Here are some helpful ideas in order to make sure you are prepared.

   First, make absolutely sure that you know your audition piece thoroughly.  Pay special attention to dynamics,expression, and tempo markings and make sure you are executing them well.

   It is always wise to check on everything you need before the audition.  If you play a brass instrument, be sure your valves are oiled and slides are greased.  If you play a reed instrument, be sure you have more than one good reed broken in.  If the audition is important enough, you may want to bring your instrument to your local music store for a check-up.  If you play a string instrument, be sure you have a good bow, rosin, and check the condition of your strings beforehand. A percussionist needs to be sure to have all sticks and mallets and any other accessories needed for the music being performed.  Also, it is a good idea to have a spare copy of your music, and if you have an accompanist, make sure you have a spare for them too. Many judges require an original score of the music to refer to, so be sure you know if that is required and have it in hand.

   Finally, make sure you are working to get into the proper mindset to audition.  It is always good to practice in front of someone before your actual audition.  Ask your band or orchestra teacher, your parents, or even friends if they will listen to you while you run through the music you plan to play.  It is also wise to practice sight reading if you know the audition includes that as well.

   In summation, to make sure you are prepared for you audition, know your music totally, have proper equipment in good working order, bring you music with extra copies, and be in the right mindset to play for adjudication. Many of these suggestions can be done on your own, and others you may need help with.  That is where Hurst Music can be of help.  Hurst has many retired band and orchestra directors and professional musicians on staff who are glad to offer suggestions and give you information about preparing for an audition.


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