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3 Questions to Ask Your Family Doctor June 2, 2017

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3 Questions to Ask Your Family Doctor, Lexington, North Carolina

There is nothing more important than your health and taking care of your body, but how often do you discuss your well-being with your family doctor? Whether you see a physician when you’re sick or once a year for a physical exam, it’s important to create an open line of communication. The medical professionals at Lexington Family Physicians in Lexington, NC, are always happy to answer patient questions but realize many people aren’t sure where to begin.

Be an empowered patient. Here are three great questions to ask a family doctor at your next appointment:

I Did Some Internet Research on My Symptoms—What’s Your Opinion?

Maybe you caught a virus or your health condition is more severe. Plugging your symptoms into Google isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could lead you in the wrong direction based on data you find. A family doctor has years of training and can provide a more accurate diagnosis. Listen with an open mind and discuss your concerns with your physician. 

family-doctorWhat Does This Medication Do & Is It Necessary?

If you or a family member receives a prescription, ask your doctor what it does and how to take it. Blindly swallowing pills without knowing why isn’t a good way to take control of your health. Speak with your physician to find out why they prescribed this particular medication, and discuss any major side effects.

What Should I Do Before My Next Visit?

You made it to your yearly physical exam, but this doesn’t mean you can ignore your health in between visits to the doctor. It’s a good idea to set some health goals to keep you on track. For example, people trying to improve their heart health may need to exercise four days a week instead of three or adjust their daily eating habits. Talk to your doctor about positive changes you can make today.

The team of medical professionals at Lexington Family Physicians has one goal and that’s to keep you and your family healthy. They care for patients of all ages, providing treatment for a variety of physical conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease, as well as mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety. To schedule an appointment, call (336) 249-3329, or visit the website for a full list of medical services offered.

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