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9 Basic Tips for Surviving Allergy Season June 6, 2017

East Cocalico, Lancaster
9 Basic Tips for Surviving Allergy Season, East Cocalico, Pennsylvania

From a runny nose to itchy eyes, pollen can hamper the beautiful spring or fall season. Anderson Pharmacy of Denver, PA, wants to make your day outdoors more pleasant. They will handle all your prescription needs the same day so you can get back to enjoying Mother Nature. This pharmacy is your go-to source for allergy relief. 

Tips for Allergy Season

1. Go Barefoot

After walking outside, take your shoes off at the door to avoid dragging pollen through your home.

2. Brush Your Pet

Since allergens cling to fur, make sure you wipe down your four-legged friends before they come inside.

3. Shower Before Bed

pharmacyWash your hair before getting cozy to prevent the transfer of pollen to your pillow. If you’re picking up an allergy prescription, purchase toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner at the pharmacy, too.

4. Close the Windows

Opt for the air conditioner to keep you comfortable instead of leaving the windows open. Although a fresh breeze is nice, it can blow in allergens. This rule goes for sunroofs and car windows, too.

5. Use the Dryer

Spend a couple of extra bucks and run your dryer during allergy season. Hanging linens on an outdoor clothes line will only collect pollen.

6. Change the Filters

With the additional use of your AC system, you need to switch out filters to ensure other allergens aren’t sitting in the vents.

7. Adjust the Indoor Humidity Level

A humidity level less than 60% is ideal if mold spores cause your allergies. Update your thermometer system with a humidity gauge. Another way to reduce the moisture is through a dehumidifier. You can find this handy equipment at your local pharmacy.

8. Watch Your Plants

Pinpoint the cause of your allergens from a particular type of tree to grass and weed pollen. Then, remove any plants from your property that add to your allergies.

9. Hire a Lawn Service

Get someone else to tend to the garden or mow the lawn. These outdoor activities stir up a lot of pollen.  

Anderson Pharmacy is located at 2590 N Reading Rd, Denver PA 17517. Take advantage of military and senior discounts for all of your pharmacy needs and hard-to-find gift items. You can kick allergies to the curb thanks to same-day prescription service. Call (717) 484-2649 now to get more advice about dealing with seasonal allergies. 

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