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Residential Pest Control Pros Give Tips for When to Spray For Stinging Insects May 31, 2017

McGehee, Desha
Residential Pest Control Pros Give Tips for When to Spray For Stinging Insects, McGehee, Arkansas

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, you’ll likely find a new set of pests and stinging insects on your property.  To avoid any mishaps and getting hurt, you’ll want to call a residential pest control professional to spray and handle the removal of any insects that are present. Unsure when the perfect time to have the professionals spray for these insects is? Consider the following valuable information. 

Time of Year

residential pest controlLate spring and early summer are when you’re most likely to notice a stinging insect’s nest starting to form. But you shouldn’t immediately grab a can of spray to kill the insects. Instead, contact your local residential pest control service to check whether you are dealing with bees or wasps. Many bee species are now protected by law, which means they will need to be relocated by a professional instead of being terminated.

Time of Day

According to professional pest removal services, it’s best to spray for stinging insects at night, especially if you are dealing with a wasp’s nest. All of the workers and the queen wasp will be in the nest at night, and they will be far less aggressive and dangerous during this time.

However, you still need a professional to handle the job—residential pest control experts explain that if the wasps become aware of what you are trying to do, they will become aggravated and dangerous, putting you at risk of getting stung. 


Whether you have insects causing damage to your home or just being a nuisance, it’s important to call a residential pest control professional to handle the issue. For residents in Russellville, AR, those experts would be Delta Pest Control. Since 1984, they have been dedicated to keeping the properties of locals in the area free of pests and insects. Give them a call today at (479) 968-8068 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit them online for more information regarding all of their services.

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