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How to Maintain Leather Shoes & Bags in Great Shape May 5, 2017

Brighton, Monroe
How to Maintain Leather Shoes & Bags in Great Shape, Brighton, New York

If their maintenance is not done the right way, leather bags and shoes are quick to lose their prized sheen. That’s why the pros at Sofia Shoe Repair Service in Rochester, NY, emphasize purchasing specialized leather bag and shoe care products to keep them looking brand new. They share a few tips to keep leather fashion products in optimum condition for a long time to come.

3 Tips to Maintain Leather Shoes & Bags

1. Keep Moisture at Bay

ShoesMost people instinctively employ a damp cloth to scrub out stubborn spots on their leather purses and footwear. However, even minor exposure to water can shorten leather’s life and leave your designer bags and boots permanently damaged. Investing in water-repellent shoe care products is the best way to keep them protected from the rain, snow, and water puddles you encounter on your daily commute.

2. Use a Premium Cream Polish

Leather’s inherent softness and shine gradually fades away if it’s not regularly polished with high-quality products. Cream polishes not only keep your leather shining beautifully, but they also help preserve your clothing’s natural moisture. Consult with a leather repair expert about finding the right polish for your shoes and purses.

3. Entrust Zipper Repairs to Experienced Pros

It’s not uncommon for zippers on your bags and shoes to come apart with time and use. When it comes to repairing zippers on leather items, it’s best to entrust the detail-oriented task to an expert in the field. They have the expertise to fix all types of zipper and fastener issues without damaging your pricey leather items in the process.

This perfectly describes the finesse and prowess with which Sofia Shoe Repair Service restores every branded leather product. Since 1945, they have provided the most reliable footwear and zipper repair services to Rochester residents. Learn more about the shoe and handbag maintenance advice their team has to offer by calling (585) 244-5907 or visiting their website.

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