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How To Turn Broken Jewelry Into Cash April 19, 2017

Freehold, Monmouth County
How To Turn Broken Jewelry Into Cash, Freehold, New Jersey

Broken bracelets, old watches, and even extremely damaged jewelry can be worth some big bucks if you know where to take it.  It is worth mentioning that not all jewelry buyers are 100% trustworthy.  Always make sure to take your safety seriously and never look to craigslist or ‘friends of friends’ when you are looking to get some cash for your jewelry.

American Coins & Gold has locations throughout New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut and proudly boasts a 5-Star rating!

The best part about selling jewelry is that you can bring imageit in any condition. No matter how dirty or broken your jewelry is, a reputable jewelry buyer will still offer you a fair value.  The value of your jewelry depends on a variety of different factors such as material, flaws, condition, and quality.  Even extremely damaged jewelry can be sold for scrap gold, silver or platinum.  This is always the area where people become most surprised, but it is important to remember even broken jewelry can be worth a nice chunk of change!

American Coins & Gold offers FREE APPRAISALS on all items through email, text, phone and in person.  Contact us today and receive cash on the spot!

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