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4 Great Reasons to Go to a Jewelry Buyer Today April 24, 2017

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4 Great Reasons to Go to a Jewelry Buyer Today, Freehold, New Jersey

If you like wearing jewelry, there’s a good chance you have a box full of old rings, earrings, and bracelets lying around. While some of these pieces may hold sentimental value, many are mere clutter. Stop allowing them to take up precious space and make a trip to American Coins & Gold. As a trusted jewelry buyer in Bridgewater and Wayne, NJ, and Garden City, NY, this one-stop shop accepts jewelry, coins, and other valuables you no longer desire.

If you have a collection of old baubles sitting at home but are hesitant to visit a jewelry buyer, consider the following benefits:

  • Emergency Funds: When an emergency strikes, you may need money in a hurry. By taking a handful of old earrings to a jewelry buyer or a cash-for-gold location, you can get cash immediately. Depending on what you sell, you might be able to cover your expenses in full.
  • jewelry buyerPracticality: Letting jewelry and other valuables sit around and gather dust isn’t helping anyone. Instead, a reputable jewelry buyer can turn those items into something everyone appreciates—money!
  • Personal Style: What was in style years ago may be terribly dated now, and every fashionista wants to keep up with the current trends. A jewelry buyer can take off-trend pieces and provide the necessary funds to outfit you in the latest styles. You’ll look great and save money too!
  • Win-Win Scenario: Not sure if your jewelry is worth selling? With free walk-in appraisals, you won’t have to worry about seller’s remorse. You’ll be given an accurate and honest price for your goods, and, if you decide you’d rather keep them, you can walk out of the shop with your gems in hand.

Don’t let your unwanted jewelry weigh you down. Instead, let the experienced team at American Coins & Gold turn outdated pieces into quick cash. For more information, call (809) 575-9400 or visit the website today.

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