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4 Ways to Keep Ants at Bay After Professional Pest Removal March 29, 2017

McGehee, Desha
4 Ways to Keep Ants at Bay After Professional Pest Removal, McGehee, Arkansas

Even after the experts at Delta Pest Control have exterminated your Russellville, AR, home, you still need to keep up your pest removal defenses. Ants are crafty critters and can get into spaces that you may not even realize are in your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them out!

By following a few simple rules, the chances of ants returning lowers considerably:

  • pest removalThrow Away Garbage: Cleaning the table and kitchen after meals helps prevent the return of ants, but they can also be attracted to your garbage. Always remember to take out your trash in a timely manner instead of allowing it to pile up.
  • Securely Store Food: When it comes to ants, nothing is more appealing than stray foods or beverages. Sugary items are especially tantalizing, so store food whenever you’re not using it. Put snacks away when everyone is finished and promptly wipe up spills or other messes to keep your pest removal defenses strong.
  • Clean Up Pet Food: If your pet is finished with breakfast or dinner and hasn’t eaten everything in their bowl, store it away instead of leaving it out. It may be meant for dogs and cats, but ants find the leftovers tempting, too.
  • Seal It Up: A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if there’s a crack that light can get through, an ant probably can, too. Caulk, rubber seals, or foam can help your pest removal efforts by plugging up tough spots like windowsills and gaps around pipes.

Even with how tricky ants can be, keeping your home clean and paying attention to any sneaky cracks can greatly increase your chances of ant-proofing. Unfortunately, ants aren’t the only pests that like to bother homeowners. From rodents to termites, Delta Pest Control is experienced in handling a wide variety of infestations and will employ professional techniques to rid your home of the problem. For more pest removal information, call (479) 968-8068 or visit the website today.

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