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3 Stair Lift Maintenance Tips, From Lincoln's Medical Equipment Experts November 15, 2016

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Stair Lift Maintenance Tips, From Lincoln's Medical Equipment Experts, Lincoln, Nebraska

As your body ages, a stair lift can help you remain independent and have access to your entire home. It’s important to keep this vital piece of equipment in good condition so it's safe and reliable. Lincoln Mobility, Nebraska’s leading medical equipment supplier, sells and installs high-quality stair lifts, and their experts know how to keep them maintained.

3 Tips For Stair Lift Maintenance

Schedule Regular Service

The best maintenance work is preventative. Even a stair lift that seems to be working normally should be checked by a trained technician. Their expertise allows them to spot problems before they’re serious enough for you to notice. Schedule a routine maintenance check once a year.

Care For The Rails

Lincoln-NE-stair-liftRail care is relatively easy, but it’s essential to keeping your stair lift in top shape. Keep household items and other obstructions away from the rails to prevent damage. Dust rails once a week to help maintain their performance.

Pay Attention To Your Ride

Be aware of how your stair lift performs when you use it. If you notice unusual noises or experience a bumpy ride — especially at the start — it’s a sign something is wrong. Call a technician immediately to examine your stair lift and resolve the problem before it gets worse.

Lincoln Mobility has the medical supplies you need to continue to live safely and independently, from walkers and lift chair recliners to stair lifts and power wheelchairs. Visit their website to learn more about their products and services, and call (402) 421-8800 to speak with a staff member.

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