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How Stair Lifts Have Changed Senior Mobility June 21, 2016

Lincoln, Lancaster
How Stair Lifts Have Changed Senior Mobility, Lincoln, Nebraska

It’s an undeniable fact that as your body ages, it starts to work less effectively than it used to. For some people, this change is gradual enough to not present any major issues; for others, injuries or other medical conditions can make it difficult to get around without walkers or some other form of assistance. As the team at Lincoln Mobility in Lincoln, NE, can attest, stair lifts have dramatically changed mobility for many seniors across the nation.

Here’s how these useful devices make a difference:

  • No Strain: Moving up and down the stairs can create a massive strain on your body, especially if you’ve suffered from an injury or undergone surgery. At times, this can even cause severe pain, making it difficult to do other activities that you enjoy. Using stair lifts can reduce the pressure on your body and prevent medical conditions or injuries from getting any worse by allowing you to rest comfortably while moving up or down.
  • stair liftsGreater Home Access: When you need to use a device for mobility assistance, entire parts of your home may seem inaccessible. With stair lifts, however, your entire home is accessible, allowing you to fully enjoy your house.
  • Safety: The greatest benefit of stair lifts is how these products enable individuals to safely move up and down the stairs. While slipping and falling on the stairs may seem like a relatively minor risk when you’re young, these accidents can have devastating consequences—especially as you get older. By using a stair lift, you completely eliminate this risk from your daily routine.

Whether you need lift chairs or another mobility-assistance device, the team at Lincoln Mobility can help you find the perfect product for your lifestyle. To learn more about their products and services, visit them online or call (402) 421-8800. Their showroom is located at 2655 S. 70th St. in Lincoln, NE.

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