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6 Car Repair & Maintenance Tips for Combating Summer Heat June 13, 2016

Springfield, Hamilton
6 Car Repair & Maintenance Tips for Combating Summer Heat, Springfield, Ohio

It may not be as harsh as winter, but summer still takes its toll on a vehicle, inside and out. From tire blowouts to overheating engines, there are many problems a poorly prepared vehicle will suffer. To keep your car in good shape this summer in Cincinnati, Mt. Healthy Auto Repair has a few summer car maintenance tips.

Follow these steps to keep your car in excellent condition during the hot summer months:

  • Maintain Your Cooling System: Don’t let your engine overheat this summer by flushing and refilling your coolant. In addition to ensuring there’s enough coolant, call Mt. Healthy Auto Repair so a pro technician can inspect your drive belts and administer all necessary tests.auto repair

  • Cover Your Windshield: It’s time to start leaving a windshield protector on your dashboard whenever you’re parked outside of a covered area, which will help protect your cabin interior from fading, not to mention accidentally scorching you when you come back in.

  • Change Your Oil: You should change your oil roughly every three months, but it may need to be more frequent if you’re doing certain summer activities. If the next few months will be all about camping, fishing, trailer towing, and road trips, stop at Mt. Healthy Auto Repair first.

  • Change Windshield Wipers: Hot weather causes wiper blades to harden and crack. To get a good head start on the summer heat, change your blades as soon as possible, and keep an eye on your wiper fluid.

  • Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly: Avoid tire blowouts this summer by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure, as underinflated tires are more likely to overheat.

  • Get A/C Repair: If your A/C system is weaker than it used to be, stop by Mt. Healthy Auto Repair for expert A/C repair.

Need expert car repair or maintenance? Give Mt. Healthy Auto Repair a call at (513) 522-9555. You can even use one of their loaner cars while waiting on your car repairs! Visit their website today for more information.

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