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Thinking of Assisted Living Placement? Find Out How a Stairlift Can be a Better Choice May 27, 2016

Lincoln, Lancaster
Thinking of Assisted Living Placement? Find Out How a Stairlift Can be a Better Choice, Lincoln, Nebraska

When your aging loved one finds it hard to move around on their own, you might think that placing them in an assisted living facility is the best option. However, in-home medical equipment from Lincoln Mobility can be an alternative solution. They provide patients in Lincoln and southeast Nebraska with quality manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and stairlifts. The professionals at Lincoln Mobility know using in-home medical equipment as an alternative to assisted living will also provide several benefits for your loved one.

What are some of the advantages of using in-home medical equipment? Here are a few from Lincoln Mobility:

  • Cost: Placing your aging adult in assisted living means considering the cost of room and board as well as therapy sessions, which are usually required when your senior adult arrives at the facility. This cost varies according to your area and insurance covers only a fraction of the amount. If you choose to keep your senior loved one at home, you can rent in-home medical equipment as well as hire nursing aides and therapists—these are usually covered by insurance plans.
  • stairliftSocial & Emotional Comfort: You may want to place your older loved one in an assisted living facility because they are no longer capable of doing certain activities on their own. This means leaving them in an unfamiliar setting with limited access to friends and family. This can lead to your senior adult experiencing loneliness, anxiety, or depression. Installing the right equipment at home, such as stairlifts and bath safety equipment, allows them to live in the comfort of their own home while giving them the ability to function on their own.
  • Safety: If your older adult has limited mobility, then an assisted care facility with aides may be the answer. However, the aides often have several residents to attend to and may not always be available to attend to all of your loved one’s needs. A simple lift chair at home can help your senior adult get up from a seated position, or a stairlift can be used to navigate a home with multiple floors.

An assisted living facility doesn’t have to be the only solution when you have the option of in-home medical equipment. Call Lincoln Mobility at (402) 421-8800 and ask a professional how you can make your aging loved one more comfortable at home while helping them keep their independence. You can also learn more about their available products and services when you visit them online.

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