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Could Sunday Brunch Improve Your Life? Stuyvesant's Riverview Cafe Has the Surprising Answer May 9, 2016

Stuyvesant, Columbia
Could Sunday Brunch Improve Your Life? Stuyvesant's Riverview Cafe Has the Surprising Answer, Stuyvesant, New York

The Riverview Cafe in Stuyvesant has built a reputation for serving delicious and innovative new-American cuisine with a local focus. They specialize in homemade comfort food cooked using the finest ingredients from nearby Hudson Valley farms and are known throughout the area for their delicious Sunday brunch, which features dishes like sweet cinnamon French toast and savory grilled cheese sandwiches.

Here, this farm-to-table restaurant offers three reasons why Sunday brunch is actually good for you:

  • It’s Good For Your Energy: It's a well-known fact that most people don't get enough sleep. While you can’t show up late to work, you can sleep in on Sunday without sacrificing your social life. Since brunch takes place in the late morning or even the early afternoon, you can catch up on your sleep before meeting up with your Sunday brunch pals.
  • It’s Good For Your Health: It’s easy to overeat when portion sizes are out of control. However, brunch is a very communal meal. You and your companions can order several meals to share, and then you can eat a few bites of stuffed crepes, half a portion of eggs benedict, and a piece of bacon and satisfy all your cravings with way fewer calories. It also often makes for a more well-balanced meal. And when you eat at a farm-to-table restaurant like the Riverview Cafe, you know the ingredients are going to be fresh, which means you’re eating food that is free of preservatives and is much more nutritionally dense.

    Sunday brunch

  • It’s Good For The Community: Farm-to-table restaurants like the Riverview Cafe aren’t just serving fresh, high-quality food: They’re pumping money into the local community. When they support local farmers, it allows those operations to flourish, which will ultimately create jobs and improve the local infrastructure at a sustainable rate. It’s said that a dollar spent locally has three times the impact of a dollar spent outside of the community. So when you frequent farm-to-table restaurants, you’re not only feeding yourself, you’re supporting community growth.

To find out more about the Riverview Cafe’s locally sourced menu, call them at (518) 758-8950. If you’d like to join them for Sunday brunch, be sure to visit their website. The warm and welcoming staff is looking forward to seeing you.

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