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Got Grime? How to Check if Your Oriental Rug Needs a Carpet Cleaning January 26, 2016

Georgetown, Scott
Got Grime? How to Check if Your Oriental Rug Needs a Carpet Cleaning, Georgetown, Kentucky

If there's one item that pulls your living room decor together, it's your Oriental rug. A beautiful area rug makes a scattered space more cohesive and warm, so taking care of your carpet is essential to your house feeling like a home. The professional rug cleaning experts at The Rug Wash in Georgetown, KY, know all about carpet cleaning, rug repair, and rug binding, and they want to help you care for your rug.

Oriental rugs have a thick, dense fibers that hold lots of dust and dirt, yet their intricate, richly-colored patterns do an excellent job of hiding the buildup. So, how do you know if your Oriental rug needs cleaning? Check out these three tricks to see if your rug needs a clean:

  • Get A Closer Look: Dig into the pile of your carpet to get a good look at its foundation. If you see dust and dirt, your carpet definitely needs cleaning because a vacuum will not remove grime that deep. Check out The Rug Wash's online to learn more about their carpet cleaning services.
  • Test With A Touch: Without distorting the fibers or your carpet, quickly rub its surface for 10 seconds with the palm of your hand. Afterward, if your palm is dirty, it's time for a professional carpet cleaning from The Rug Wash.
  • A Clue in The Corner: Pick up one corner of your carpet and then swiftly but gently kick the middle of the back. If you see a cloud of dust, call the rug cleaners at The Rug Wash.

They also recommend cleaning your area rug every 12 to 18 months. If your carpet has a smell due to pets, The Rug Wash also offers a 100% money back guarantee on pet odor elimination. They also specialize in rug binding and rug repair, so visit them online and call (859) 806-8961 for a free quote today.

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