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SuperSplitter is the industry's premier purveyor of log splitters. Founded in 1978 by Paul McCann—the company's proud owner and president—this local business builds the best kinetic log splitter on the market. By building their machines from the ground up in the United States and providing personable service to each and every customer, SuperSplitter has earned a reputation unmatched by any other manufacturer around.

What separates SuperSplitter from other electric log splitter companies? Apart from their impressive track record of satisfied customers, Paul McCann and his family have built their business on quality, performance, and expert craftsmanship, making every single machine in-house with their own hands. In fact, the SuperSplitter design is held so closely to the McCann family, because they are the patent holders for the first kinetic log splitter ever made—which was originally crafted by Paul's father.

With an extensive inventory of products to choose from, SuperSplitter has something for everyone. The original J model is ideal for most woodcutting jobs, weighing at about 75 lbs. and capable of handling average hardwoods. Alternatively, select the heavy duty or special edition model for larger projects. Customize your splitter by deciding on a gas or electric engine—you can even pick the brand, choosing from Honda or Subaru.

For more information on America's best log splitter, contact SuperSplitter today by calling (508) 427-5800, or visit them online and like them on Facebook.

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