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In this world, there is simply nothing worse than when a friend, loved one, or family member passes on. It can be hard to know what to do, what steps need to be taken, or how to handle funeral arrangements while grieving a loss. In the Sparta area, Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home can provide helpful and compassionate funeral services and arrangements, guiding families through the process of arranging a funeral while providing support and care.

The Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home is the city’s oldest continuous business to operate at the same location; the company has been providing licensed, professional services for the Sparta community since 1858. The facilities at the Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home include ample parking, a large visitation area and service chapel, ADA restrooms, a kitchenette, and a fellowship hall, which is often used for catered receptions following services. The compassionate, experienced staff can help explain a variety of options, including affordable funerals, cremation costs, and direct funeral services.

Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home also offers pre-planning services, working with families to set up funeral arrangements and needs; the company provides pre-payment options to make the arrangements go smoothly and ease the burden on family members. The staff can discuss a full range of services and can explain various options for funeral services, keeping in mind both budgets and the needs of the family. 

For more information on arranging a funeral in the Sparta area, cremation costs and affordable funerals, reach out to the compassionate, caring professionals at the Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home by calling (608) 269-6666

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