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Half-Price Auto Repair offers full auto maintenance and tire repair services to residents of the greater West Bend, WI area, emphasizing both affordability and expertise in their work. The car repair professionals here are all ASE certified and perform a wide variety of jobs. This is the place to go to get an oil change, tune up, and wheel alignment and just about any other repair or maintenance job imaginable. What’s more, the mechanics here pride themselves on the integrity of their work, so you won’t feel like you’re getting overcharged or ripped off.

With over 85 years of combined experience, the team at Half-Price Auto Repair can work on any make or model of car. In addition, the focus of the technicians here is on providing long-lasting solutions; they’ll advise you if they see any potential warning signs to ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s life. They are so sure that the work they do and the parts they use will be exactly what’s needed, they offer a two year/unlimited mileage warranty in most cases.

Knowing that people lead complicated lives and that it’s tremendously inconvenient to be without a vehicle, Half-Price Auto Repair also offers early bird and night owl service. They’ll work around your schedule to make sure that you’re back on the road as soon as possible. If that means that you need to drop off a vehicle after hours or if you need to pick up a vehicle early in the morning, it’s not a problem! Furthermore, unlike most other auto shops, they take pains to ensure that their space is an inviting one and that the atmosphere is equally welcoming.

Convenient, reliable and affordable, there’s no reason not to trust the experts at Half-Price Auto Repair with your vehicle’s maintenance. You can schedule service on their website, by calling (262) 707-3927 or by simply stopping by. 

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