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Cibao Meat Products

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Whether you’re creating a traditional Hispanic meal or a tasty salami snack, the meat you use in your home should come from a caring meat processor. For more than 40 years, the passionate staff at Cibao Meat Products in Bronx, NY, has continued to offer customers exceptional meats that are created through a refined and detailed process.

The family-owned meat processor is dedicated to producing delicious tasting meats for individuals and families across New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Their experienced team continues to explore new ways to speed up their delivery process in order to stock shelves with the freshest products possible. Most items are shipped and delivered within 24 hours of being ordered on a once or twice a week schedule.

Before you purchase one of their products, their meat is sent through an intricate quality control procedure. They utilize cutting-edge equipment to rigorously check for imperfections that might skew the overall taste. Clients can also count on their ingredients to be sourced from health and environmentally conscious farmers.

From spicy to savory, Cibao Meat Products provides several meat options, including chorizo, cooked salami, chicken breast and longaniza. Their meats come in various packaging sizes ranging from large 48 oz. packages to snack packs that feature multiple flavors. Additionally, they work hard to inspire customers with original recipes. Don’t worry about tracking down their meats. Customers can locate the nearest store through their online store locator.

For delicious meats from a considerate meat processor, contact Cibao Meat Products. Call them today at (718) 993-5072 or visit them online for more information.

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