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Orthodontics by Buhl

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Orthodontics by Buhl, Orthodontist, Health and Beauty, Jasper, Georgia

Unlike traditional dentists who focus on overall oral health, orthodontists specialize in correcting the alignment of the teeth and jaw. At Orthodontics by Buhl in Jasper, GA, the orthodontists ensure patients receive orthodontic care in a compassionate and considerate environment with a pain-free approach to oral needs.

For 30 years, they have maintained a reputation for informative and gentle orthodontic care. With the mission of “changing the world one smile at a time”, the staff at Orthodontics by Buhl ensure that patients receive full comprehensive services and treatments that will improve the overall aesthetics of their smile.

Their commitment to keeping patients informed stands true throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the moment you get your braces removed. They fully evaluate individual oral history and are open to answering any questions or concerns at all times. Their highest priority is comfort for their patients.

One of the treatments they offer is the TruDenta Pain Management Program. This program helps with migraines, facial muscle pain, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and orthodontic discomfort. As a TruDenta certified doctor, they are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and can pinpoint any tension or inflammation that leads to chronic headaches or migraines and correct it with a non-invasive, needle and pain free treatment.

Let the orthodontists at Orthodontics by Buhl provide a smile that increases your confidence. Contact them today at (706) 692-7989 or visit their website for more information.

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