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Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators

Working Together to Weld the Future of our Islands

Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators

2000 Mokulele Highway #75
Puunene, HI 96784
(808) 871-4740
Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators, Metals, Shopping, Puunene, Hawaii

Serving Maui and Hawaii County areas since 1990, Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators is a metal services center specializing in steel fabrication, structural steel installation, welding, and metal decking. Work is tailored to the specifications of the client and performed by a team of professional but friendly welders and contractors. 

In addition, this company sells Maui’s largest selection of steel; everything from black to galvanized and stainless steel, which can be shaped and cut to order. They sell to construction companies, welders, contractors, and even the “weekend warrior” handyman or woman.

Every one of Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators’ welders is certified in accordance with ASTM, AWS, and ANSI procedures and is able to perform boiler, hot water heating, steam fitting, and structural steel welding. Their team has worked on state, country and federal projects, and helped build schools, shopping centers and commercial properties. They can perform smaller jobs, such as handrailing and structural bracket installation or larger scale commercial and industrial work involving the fabrication and erection of structural steel.

A company founded by dedicated and experienced ironworkers, they treat their employees and clients like family. Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators strives to pass on their expertise to every client, ensuring that everyone that does business with them walks away fully content with the work done. With its community and client focus, it is no wonder that this company’s motto is “working together to weld the future of our islands.”

To learn more about the services Maui Industrial Metal Fabricators provides, as well as what they have in stock, visit the company’s website or call (808) 871-4740.

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