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Wachal Pet Health Center, Veterinary Services, Services, Lincoln, Nebraska

As four-legged family members, your pets deserve veterinary care from experienced and compassionate animal doctors. Their health and well-being should always be a top priority, and that’s why pet owners in Lincoln, NE, bring their dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds to Wachal Pet Health Center. They specialize in general pet care to help your furry friends live long and happy lives. Drs. Mark and Jane Wachal have proudly served their community for over a decade in their state-of-the-art veterinary facility.

Both Mark and Jane Wachal love animals, and, in 1996, they opened Wachal Pet Health Center to give their friends and neighbors a reliable solution to pet care. In 2012, Dr. Kelly Jordan joined their team, and, together, they provide care to pets of all species and sizes. They’ve created a calming, clean environment where animals are taken care of and owners receive peace of mind. The staff values continual education and modern equipment to give every animal a paw up regarding long-term health.

With a full range of pet care services, the animal doctors at Wachal Pet Health Center provide everything from emergency vet care to heartworm prevention. They’ll help you out when it comes to teeth cleaning, and they administer life-saving vaccinations for pets. If your dog gets hurt or you’re concerned about a suspicious-looking rash, the doctors are available six days a week. They also offer pet boarding and grooming.

A knowledgeable technical staff and friendly animal doctors make up the Wachal Pet Health Center team, and they’re prepared to help your pet in every way they can. Schedule an appointment by calling (402) 477-7877, or visit their website to learn more about their pet care services.

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