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Chatfield College of Cincinnati, OH, prides itself on providing individual attention and guidance to each of its students by keeping class sizes small. That degree of personalization makes it easy to earn an associate degree, and even easier to apply those credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Chatfield College ensures transferable credits through its accreditation as a private liberal arts college, by both the Higher Learning Commission and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Whether preparing for higher education beyond a two-year college or returning to school for an associate degree after working, students can take advantage of Chatfield College’s open enrollment. They can also conveniently commute to one of two Chatfield campuses: rural Brown County’s St. Martin campus or Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine campus.

Chatfield College provides concentrations in business, early childhood education, liberal arts, and human services, including social work, community health, and criminal justice. They also offers a Pathway to Nursing program. While working toward an associate degree, students (and community members) can choose from an array of enrichment courses, available at both campuses in four-, six-, or twelve-week increments during the winter and summer months.

Chatfield College also offers a selection of fine arts classes, encompassing art, music, dance and theater. Various styles of painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture are taught, as well as an assortment of musical instruments. Through an articulation agreement, students can begin their fine arts education and continue working toward their bachelor’s or master’s degrees at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

The academic integrity and commitment to students demonstrated by Chatfield College are rooted in its religious heritage. Established in the mid-1800s by the Ursuline Sisters, Chatfield College is a faith-based college that proudly preserves its Catholic tradition.

Chatfield College aims to put the “community” in community college. For more information about admissions or the application process, contact Chatfield College online, or call the Cincinnati campus at (513) 921-9856.


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