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Sprawling patios and pristine walkways can add sophistication to any landscape. When homeowners, construction contractors, and business professionals in Cincinnati, OH, want to outfit properties with concrete, brick, or stone features, they call on Hicon Inc. Since 1977, the local construction company has been a one-stop shop for paving, masonry, and restoration services for the Greater Cincinnati region.

Hicon Inc. is comprised of three divisions — Hicon Masonry, Hicon Paving, and Hicon Restoration. Whether you need paving stones for a backyard renovation, masonry applications for a large-scale new build, or repair work for an existing property, you can rest easy knowing this local construction company uses only the best materials and the industry’s latest techniques to ensure every job lasts for years to come.

As the area’s oldest interlocking paving stone supplier, the company can flawlessly install these beautiful accents on your property. The paving division will also outfit your home with durable retaining walls to help give you a bit more privacy. If a new build is underway, the company’s skilled masons have the expertise needed to add brick or concrete blocks to any structure. If you want to renovate a historic space, the team can help with that, too. Restorative work, such as facade detailing and chimney repair, won’t compromise the original aesthetic of the building.

Beyond their comprehensive services, what sets the Ohio-based construction company apart from other area builders is their superb customer service and commitment to worksite safety. Before construction starts, a representative will meet with you to discuss project details, including budget, timeline, design, and materials. Once you are completely satisfied with the plan, the building specialist will draft a proposal. When work begins, the company’s trained technicians take every precaution to ensure the area is safe.

Thinking about adding a new driveway, patio, or porch to your home, office, or new building? Call on the experts at Hicon Inc. With more than 40 years of experience, the local construction company has the industry know-how needed to help with any project. To schedule a free proposal meeting, call the company at (513) 242-3612. You can also visit Hicon Inc. online for pictures of completed projects and customer feedback, and connect with them on Facebook.

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