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The best land surveyors are those with an extensive knowledge of the areas they serve, and you’ll certainly find this familiarity with Ferguson & Foss Professional Land Surveyors. As a land survey company based in Johnstown, NY, these surveying professionals provide service to Fulton, Montgomery, Hamilton, Saratoga and Herkimer counties.

Founders John W. Ferguson and J. Christopher Foss have 45 years of experience between them as licensed surveyors in the area, and both have lived and worked locally for most of their lives. Ferguson & Foss Professional Land Surveyors is a member of the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, and both of the company's principals believe in giving back to the communities they serve.

These experts provide a wide range of surveying services, assisting with property line determinations to help you get a true sense of the scope of your real estate and conducting mortgage surveys to help finalize mortgage loans. Both residential property surveys and surveys for commercial property are provided, and these professional surveyors also help with topographic surveys and subdivision mapping.

For commercial construction, these land surveyors will assist you with construction staking and layout and provide right-of-way and easement surveys to smooth the path of your development or expansion.  Turn to Ferguson & Foss Professional Land Surveyors for services such as certified survey maps, residential and commercial site plans, elevation certificates, and LOMAs for flood insurance. These specialists also conduct property surveys to determine wetlands location.

For surveying services strengthened by experience, choose the skilled land surveyors at Ferguson & Foss Professional Land Surveyors. Call this land survey company at (518) 762-9997 for a price quote, or learn more by visiting them online.

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