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​Compression Stockings From Lincoln Mobility: Choosing The Right Pair September 1, 2015

Lincoln, Lancaster
​Compression Stockings From Lincoln Mobility: Choosing The Right Pair, Lincoln, Nebraska

Compression stockings are specialized hosiery that protect against and aid in the treatment of venous disorders like thrombosis and edema, among others. By applying increased pressure around the legs, distended veins are reduced in diameter and blood flow is improved. To be sure, though, as the experts at Lincoln, NE area medical equipment supplier, Lincoln Mobility affirm, it’s particularly important to know what kind of compression stocking is the one you need.

Compression stockings come in a variety of strength options, so it’s essential that you pick the proper one. Let’s take a quick look at the options:

  • Mild: These are typically used to provide relief for tired, achy legs—especially for long periods of standing. These relieve minor swelling of feet, legs and ankles and are sometimes used to prevent the formation of varicose or spider veins in pregnancy.
  • Moderate: The slightly higher level of pressure with these allows this level to be used not only to relieve tired legs, reduce swelling and treat varicose veins, but also to take on conditions like thrombosis or to combat the resurgence of varicose veins in post-sclerotherapy.
  • Firm: These provide even more pressure on the legs; in addition to the kind of therapy provided by the other levels of pressure, firm compression stockings may also be applied in cases of severe or lymphatic edema; combats active ulcers and post-thrombotic syndrome; prevents orthostatic hypotension (sudden drops in blood pressure when standing up); and treats deep vein thrombosis.
  • Extra Firm: Used in more severe cases, these are used to provide even more intense treatments of deep vein thrombosis, edemas, and post-thrombotic syndrome, while also aiding with orthostatic and postural hypotension.

Of course, consultation with your health care provider is essential in finding the right strength. The folks at Lincoln Mobility also emphasize that other factors—like comfort and style—should be considered when making this choice.

To learn more about this company’s wide range of compression stockings, as well as other medical equipment like leg braces, walkers, power or manual wheelchairs and the like, be sure to check out Lincoln Mobility online; you can also speak to a representative by calling (402) 421-8800.  

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