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What to Expect When Your Car’s Radiator Stops Working January 12, 2018

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What to Expect When Your Car’s Radiator Stops Working, Branford Center, Connecticut

As a powerhouse of mechanical action, engines and their components can get extremely hot when your car is on. Fortunately, radiators help keep coolant running through the system to keep the car’s engine at an ideal temperature. However, when this part fails, you can experience a wide range of problems, including engine damage. While routine maintenance can help prevent these emergencies, it’s important to keep an eye out for the following problems that might indicate you need prompt radiator repair.

What Happens When You Need Radiator Repair?

1. Engine Overheating

radiator repairWithout proper coolant circulation, your car’s engine will get hotter than normal. When this happens, the dashboard’s temperature gauge will start to climb and eventually trigger the overheating warning light. The longer the engine overheats, the greater the risk it will be damaged or completely fail.

2. Water Pump Failure

While the radiator works to reduce the temperature of the coolant, the water pump is responsible for circulating it back to the engine. However, if you need radiator repair, hot coolant might end up melting the water pump’s plastic parts. This damage will not only disrupt the proper flow of coolant but also introduce harmful debris into the system.

3. Cracked Hoses

Hot coolant can also cause fluid hoses to crack. If the cracks are big enough, you might experience a severe coolant leak. The lower coolant reserves become, the higher the potential for severe engine damage.

4. No Heat

Faulty radiators can cause damage to the heater core—the component responsible for delivering hot air into your car when you turn up the thermostat. Problems usually occur when radiator debris clogs heater core tubes or a hot engine causes the part to crack. If you’re not feeling enough—or any—hot air, you might need to have your heater core repaired or replaced.


If your vehicle is experiencing any of these signs, immediate service from a trusted auto mechanic can help save your car from extensive damage. Specializing in cooling system care, Branford Radiator Repair Service is an exceptional resource for restoring proper temperature balance in any vehicle. Staffed with top technicians, this auto shop in Branford, CT, can quickly pinpoint the source of the problem and provide a reliable, yet affordable, fix. They also offer routine car maintenance services to help reduce your risk of radiator failure. You can learn more about their expertise online, or call (203) 488-7346 to schedule an appointment for radiator repair.

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