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Moving? 3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning January 12, 2018

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Moving? 3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning, Honolulu, Hawaii

When moving, the tasks are seemingly endless. One important yet overlooked duty is carpet cleaning, which can restore the look of your flooring to its former glory. Offering everything from mold remediation to professional carpet cleaning, A-1 Spotless Carpet Cleaning of Honolulu is happy to help you address tough stains and odors in your home or business. Below, they share three reasons to rely on the experts.

Why You Should Opt for Professional Service Before the Big Move

Your Security Deposit Is on the Line

The condition of your rental unit determines whether your security deposit will be returned in full. While wear and tear is common over time, any excessive damage, including carpet stains, may prevent you from receiving the full amount. Have your carpet cleaned professionally to ensure you get all your money back.

Pet Odors Can Linger

carpet cleaningUnpleasant pet odors tend to linger within carpets. In this case, pet odor removal will help remove pesky animal smells from your carpet, thereby ensuring a fresh and clean environment for the next tenant. Additionally, some people are highly allergic to pet dander, which can become stuck in carpets over time.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Of course, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is just good manners. Not only will it improve conditions for the next tenant, but it will also show that you were a conscientious person. This quality will show favorably on you when you rent your next apartment, as many landlords conduct thorough background checks on prospective tenants.

A-1 Spotless Carpet Cleaning provides Honolulu with efficient and affordable service that can make your carpet look like new again. Call (808) 674-2000 today to learn more about their services, including water damage restoration and upholstery cleaning. Visit the company online to access discounts. Same day service is also available.

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