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3 Advantages of Cremation Services January 12, 2018

Sparta, Monroe
3 Advantages of Cremation Services, Sparta, Wisconsin

If you're making end-of-life decisions for yourself or a departed loved one, the two primary choices are burial or cremation. Although burial is most common, there are numerous advantages to choosing cremation services. To ensure you’re fully informed before making this crucial decision, Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home—a venerable institution in Sparta, WI—explains some of these benefits below.

3 Advantages to Choosing Cremation Services

1. Less Expensive

cremation servicesCremation is a relatively inexpensive option. It does not require embalming or the purchase of an expensive casket, which are two of the highest costs associated with burials. If your budget is tight, cremation services might be a smart solution.

2. Multiple Options

After cremation, you have several options, some of which are not available should you choose to embalm. The cremated remains can be buried below ground, entombed above ground in a mausoleum, or placed in an urn and transported away. You can then scatter the ashes or keep them at home to remember your loved one.

3. More Time to Plan the Funeral

If you prefer an open casket funeral and visitation, you can still arrange it if you choose cremation. However, if the remains will be cremated immediately, you can take as long as you like to prepare a memorial service. Normally, funerals must take place fairly quickly after a death due to the nature of the remains. After cremation, however, you have as much time as you like to prepare for your final farewell.

To discuss cremation services or other funeral arrangement options, contact Lanham-Schanhofer Funeral Home in Sparta, WI. For nearly 160 years, they have been serving communities throughout Monroe County and beyond, offering compassionate and dignified care. Visit their website to view directions to their home, or call (608) 269-6666 to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable professional.

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