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Auto Repair Team Lists 3 Car Parts to Keep an Eye on in Winter January 12, 2018

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Auto Repair Team Lists 3 Car Parts to Keep an Eye on in Winter, Amelia, Ohio

Winter can be tough on your car or truck. As a result, the auto repair professionals at VanDemark Company urge drivers in Amelia, OH, to keep an eye on their vehicles throughout winter to ensure all parts are functioning properly. Maintaining your vehicle in this harsh season will not only keep you safe on the road, but it will also extend the life span of your car.

Auto Repair Professionals Lists 3 Parts That Deserve Extra Care in the Winter

A pair of quality wipers is essential in rain and snow storms. When wipers malfunction, your visibility will take a hit, increasing your risk of a serious accident. When checking wipers, look at the blades for cracks or tears. If you must replace them, it’s crucial to upgrade both at the same time to prevent uneven wear.


Slick, icy roads require tires that are up to the challenge. First and foremost, your tires should have a sufficient amount of tread. You should also check your tire pressure, as cold temperatures can prompt a decrease in air pressure. Alignment is another concern—if your tires are unaligned, your vehicle will handle inefficiently, which can lead to issues on winter roads.

Car Battery

auto repairYour vehicle’s battery can also be impacted by a drop in temperatures. If the battery is close to expiring—which can be determined by reading the accompanying warranty—it’s best to have it replaced. You can also have it tested for defects, such as leaks. Just in case, always carry a set of jumper cables in your vehicle.

Whether you’re in search of used car parts or are looking for a reliable auto repair shop in Amelia, VanDemark Company has you covered. Call (513) 797-7278 today to speak with a representative about your automotive needs. You can also visit the website to begin your search for a used or new car part for your vehicle.

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