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Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips From the Pros January 12, 2018

Prairie du Chien, Crawford
Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips From the Pros, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Hardwood flooring complements any style of home decor, whether you prefer antique hickory or rich, contemporary cedar. With so many wood types, colors, and lengths, a lot of work takes place before laying down boards even begins. As Prairie Du Chien, WI’s premier flooring contractor, Carpets To Go offers endless options for any abode. From carpet to vinyl and ceramic tile, their impressive selection will renew your home. If you’re considering hardwood, these experts share helpful facts about the installation process.

Measure the Room

Before you decide on a type of hardwood flooring, you’ll need to measure the room in its entirety. Having too few or too many boards can be a hassle, especially if you’ve selected a design that requires extra ordering. When you have the right amount available well in advance, you can breathe easy knowing that your room is ready to go.

Also, be on the lookout for outdated, squeaky flooring, which might require tearing out before the project begins. After everything’s properly measured, your flooring contractor can place the boards and get to work.

Place the Boards

After your contractor has laid out the boards in your designated pattern, they will work carefully to fill in the gaps. Since the measurements are such a vital part of the process, placement itself shouldn’t be too difficult. Finding and filling in gaps can prove challenging, however, especially if you have an older home. 

hardwood flooringAlong with placement comes nailing the rolls down so that they stay in a solid position, stapling the boards, cutting the baseboards, and working around any clearance issues. After this is established, your contractor can carefully fit the last board into place without any issues.

Finish the Layout

Once boards have been laid out in their desired pattern, cut, and stapled safely into place, your flooring contractor will review the design for any errors. In case you require an extra board or a piece is moved out of position, the contractor can go back in and cut the extra materials needed for your unique layout.

After the boards are installed, you’ll receive instructions documenting how to care for your new floor. This varies from one wood to another, so before you even pick a type, always ask about the maintenance required. 

Considering hardwood flooring installation? Make Carpets to Go your first stop. Outfitting Prairie Du Chien homes and businesses with a variety of high-quality floor coverings, these experts will find the flooring that fits your needs, installing it with state-of-the-art customer service, patience, and care. Visit the website for more information, or call (608) 326-1700 to request your free estimate today!

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