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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Old & Rare Coins December 28, 2017

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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Old & Rare Coins, Freehold, New Jersey

You might think an old coin will be worth more if it’s shiny and crisp, with no residue or evidence of corrosion. However, using metal polishers, dips, or any other chemicals on rare coins can harm the surface, causing irreparable damage and seriously diminishing their value. However, if you’ve discovered an old coin in circulation, you might want to clean off years of dirt and oil to restore its appearance and prevent further decay.

rare coinsFirst, you will need two small plastic containers. Disposable food tubs are ideal, but anything will work as long as it is not made of metal, porcelain, or glass. Fill one with warm water and a small amount of dish soap, and the other with distilled water for rinsing.

Wash your hands before handling the coins to remove oils that can damage the surface, then submerge each piece one at a time in the soapy water. Using your fingers only, work dirt and buildup from the center to the edge of the coin, being careful not to rub dirt across the face.

Once the coin is clean, rinse it off under running water, gently rubbing with your finger to remove any soap residue and leftover dirt. Finally, swish the coin in the distilled water, which will wash away chlorine and other chemicals that could affect the metal over time.

When the coin is cleaned, place it on a soft, lint-free towel to air dry. Never rub a rare coin with a towel, since the friction can cause minute scratches, and make sure it’s completely dry before you put it away.


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