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NYC After School Program Talks Winter Health & Safety December 15, 2017

New York, New York
NYC After School Program Talks Winter Health & Safety, New York, New York

Staying safe is a full-time job in the winter, particularly for children who are eager to go outside and ski and sled. It’s important to take a few extra precautions, say the team at Corbin’s Crusaders After School and Summer Day Camp in New York City. With plenty of experience engaging kids in after school programs, sports clubs, and other outdoor activities, they share some tips for enjoying a healthy and mindful season.

4 Winter Health & Safety Tips

1. Watch the Temperature

Even if the weather is frightful, it’s usually okay for kids to play outside if it’s over 30 degrees. Check they’re wearing several layers of clothing to lock in heat and prevent discomfort. If it’s between 20 and 30 degrees, consider keeping them indoors if they’re especially sensitive to cold weather. Again, layers are the key to comfort. When temperatures drop below 20, it’s safest to stay inside to prevent issues such as frostbite.

2. Monitor Outdoor Activities

New York, NY after school programOlder kids who participate in sports clubs or after school programs can usually safely join in on everything from skiing and sledding to snowboarding and ice hockey. Children between the ages of four and six often have enough balance to ski and ice skate, though it’s best to supervise them at all times. Little ones aged three and under may be able to sled with a parent or guardian. For optimal safety, they should be facing forward; never sled downhill headfirst, as it could lead to a neck injury.

3. Focus on Health

Be practical about when kids should spend time outside. Don’t be too alarmed by the occasional runny nose or sore throat. If it’s mild and not accompanied by a fever, it’s usually fine for kids to go about their day. If a sore throat causes difficulty swallowing or is accompanied by chest pain, see a doctor before it gets worse.

4. Protect Delicate Skin

Without taking extra care, skin becomes dry, cracked, and irritated during winter. Apply moisturizer to slightly damp skin after a shower or bath. Also, many don’t think to use sunscreen when playing outside in the cold season, but the rays are just as damaging. 

Whether it’s during the weekend or an after school program, take a proactive approach to ensure your kids’ comfort and safety. The team at Corbin’s Crusaders After School and Summer Day Camp understands just how important this is, especially as school winds down for the season, after school sports come to a halt, and more time is spent at home. For information on how these skilled professionals can help your kids, or to learn about their after school program or sports club, visit their website. You can also call (212) 875-8174 to speak with a representative.

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