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Going Bowhunting? Here’s 3 Game Animals You Can Hunt With a Bow January 11, 2018

Belleville, Essex County
Going Bowhunting? Here’s 3 Game Animals You Can Hunt With a Bow, Belleville, New Jersey

If you’re an archery enthusiast, you may have considered hunting game with your bow. In fact, bowhunting has been around for thousands of years and continues to be popular today. But what kind of animals can you hunt with this old-world equipment? If you’re new to the practice, consider the list below.

Game Animals to Look for When Bowhunting

1. Deer

Most deer are active in the early morning or evening, so try to hunt at those times. As the most popular large game animal, deer require the use of very powerful equipment, such as a crossbow or recurve bow. Though these animals don’t have thick skin, accuracy is required to prevent unnecessary suffering. Aim for the area behind the shoulder and just under halfway up the lungs, so your arrow goes through their heart.

2. Bears

bowhuntingBears are another popular large game animal, but they are much more dangerous than deer. In fact, bears can run long distances after being hit, as fat and thick hair cover their wounds. When it comes to bears, aim your bow at the center of their side—halfway between the back and belly, and halfway between the front and hind legs.

3. Rabbits

Unlike the larger animals previously listed, rabbits are considered small game. If you’re new to bowhunting, you may prefer to hunt these smaller game animals, as they are easier to find and don’t require massive equipment. However, their small size does call for a sharp eye and focused aim.


Regardless of which animal you’re after, turn to the experts at Bullet Hole Annex in Belleville, NJ, for all your bowhunting needs. Along with their wide variety of archery equipment—including accessories like arrows and lines—you can take advantage of the indoor archery range for target practice. Contact an experienced team member by calling (973) 759-8800, or visit them online for more information.
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