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What Is the Best Way to Keep Medical Care Resolutions in 2018? December 30, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
What Is the Best Way to Keep Medical Care Resolutions in 2018?, Manhattan, New York

Staying well requires a commitment to proactive wellness and access to expert medical care. If you want to feel better in 2018, making health-related New Year’s resolutions is a powerful way to achieve your goals. 181st Street Urgent Care Center in New York, NY, wants to give you the support you need to achieve health-related success. Whether you are interested in avoiding colds and the flu or finding a solution for your asthma attacks, their primary care physicians explain how to stay on track.

Medical Care New Year’s Resolutions Guide 

Making Resolutions 

medical careThe first step is to write down your resolutions for 2018. Family medicine doctors recommend taking small steps and being realistic to best achieve your health goals. Do you want to find a walk-in clinic to make caring for your kids easier? Would taking better control of your allergies lead to less frequent urgent care visits?

Once you decide, create a plan that outlines the specific, short-term actions you can take to get there. Avoid lofty plans like losing 25 pounds in a month or curing your diabetes by the end of the year. Instead, find ways to move closer to your ideal situation.

Keeping Resolutions

Once you define your resolutions, seek support in order to keep them. Tell a friend or family member — as well as your doctor — about your wishes so they can help you stay accountable. Adding reminders to your calendar or smartphone to-do list can also help you stay on track.

If you fail to keep your resolutions, do not panic. Instead, focus on determining what you need to do next to achieve your goal. If it is spring and you haven’t found a walk-in clinic you like, commit to browsing the internet for a few locations by the end of the week. Adjusting your course and staying positive can provide you with the motivation to succeed.

When you do achieve a milestone, congratulate yourself for it. Treat yourself to a haircut or massage to celebrate your commitment to your medical care. The small victory of finding a physician you can trust will lead to other victories, like taking better control of your condition or maintaining better overall health. 

A new year is almost here, and partnering with a compassionate and experienced primary care team will help you stay well in 2018. To make an appointment for medical care, call 181st Street Urgent Care Center in New York, NY, at (347) 756-6000. To learn more about their family medicine services and caring, bilingual staff, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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