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Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial for Parkinson’s? December 16, 2017

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Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial for Parkinson’s?, Marlborough, Connecticut

Parkinson’s disease is an extremely complex condition. Because there is no cure, there are constant clinical trials being conducted. For patients that are unable to manage their condition, participating in clinical trials for Parkinson’s is a valuable action. They offer both personal and global benefits. However, you should understand what to expect before beginning. Below is a brief guide on clinical trials and how to determine if it’s the right course of action.

What Is a Clinical Trial for Parkinson’s?

clinical trials for Parkinson'sFor conditions like Parkinson’s disease, clinical trials are focused on finding new breakthroughs in understanding the condition, testing new medications, and working toward a cure. When you participate in a clinical trial, you’re receiving medications or undergoing procedures that usually haven’t been tested before. These are administered and monitored by medical and research professionals; the data collected is crucial to backing their theories. In some cases, both you and healthy individuals will be participating so that a full survey of the medication or treatment’s effectiveness is taken. A clinical trial for Parkinson’s may lead to the treatment you need and also provide valuable data for future research.

Should I Participate?

Clinical trials come with an equal amount of risk and reward. The new treatment may help you achieve a better quality of life. However, there may be unknown side effects and health risks. It may not work for you on an individual level. However, if current medications and treatments haven’t worked for you, those in a clinical trial for Parkinson’s may succeed. You should also consider your availability, as clinical trials require regular exams and office visits. Speak with your specialist about existing treatment options and work with them to determine if a clinical trial for Parkinson’s is the best step forward.


Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s is committed to helping patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease achieve a healthy quality of life. As the leading resource in Windsor, CT, for people with Parkinson’s, they offer the latest information on research, clinical trials for Parkinson’s, and other related topics. Call (860) 266-6040 today to speak with their friendly volunteers and visit their website and Facebook for more resources.

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