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Gold Plated vs. Solid Gold November 19, 2017

Freehold, Monmouth County
Gold Plated vs. Solid Gold, Freehold, New Jersey

There are many different types of jewelry that use gold as their main material.  Gold jewelry usually come in 2 different options: Gold Plated or Solid Gold.  You will see that the price varies drastically between these two types because of the actual end product.  Below, American Coins & Gold breaks down the differences between god plated jewelry vs. solid gold jewelry.

Solid Gold

Solid gold jewelry is exactly what the name sounds like, solid gold.  24k is the measurement for pure solid gold which comes with the highest price tag.  Pure gold is extremely desirable due to its ability to hold value as welimagel as how perfect it is for jewelry.  24k gold is a softer metal which makes it great for engraving creating high end jewelry.  Pure gold also does not tarnish like other metals such as copper or silver.

Gold Alloys

Due to how soft and expensive 24k gold is, it may not be the best choice for people who want to wear it as everyday jewelry.  To create solid gold jewelry that holds its value as well and has all the best benefits of gold, other metals are often mixed with pure gold.  The finished product is referred to as ‘gold alloy’ which is still solid gold but since its mixed with other metals is better suited for durable everyday wearing.  Also, since the gold is not 100% pure it is measured in descending karats based on the gold alloy ratio.  14k gold is a commonly referred standard in the gold jewelry industry.  The higher the karat, the more expensive the gold.

Gold Plated

Gold plated jewelry is creating by a process that covers a more affordable metal, such as copper or silver with a very thin layer of gold.  Since there is so much less gold used, gold plated jewelry is much less expensive than solid sold items.  Gold plated jewelry is a great choice for people not interested in gold as an investment and just want a nice piece of jewelry.  This type of jewelry is also cheaper since the metals inside aren’t pure gold and will eventually tarnish over time.   Lastly, keep in mind that gold plated items have little to no value in the resale market. 

By understanding the basic principles of gold plated vs. solid gold jewelry stated above you can be sure to always buy or sell the correct type of jewelry based on your specific wants & needs.


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