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3 Reasons Why Having a DVR Is an Excellent Choice November 1, 2017

Cook, Westmoreland
3 Reasons Why Having a DVR Is an Excellent Choice, Cook, Pennsylvania

The days of staying home to catch your favorite television show or setting up the VCR to record the big game are long gone. A DVR allows you to record any show at any time. You don’t even have to be there, since it will start and stop recording automatically and be ready to watch at your leisure. LHTC Broadband of Stahlstown, PA, shares below how a DVR improves your television experience.

Why You Should Get a DVR

Watch When You Want

DVRYears ago, you had to be home to watch your favorite programs or manually record it with the VCR. A DVR lets you record a show in advance, so you watch it when you have time.

Record Whole Seasons

Life gets hectic, which may cause you to forget to watch your favorite show every week. A DVR allows you to record all the episodes of a series, so you don’t even have to think about it. Plus, if you hate waiting a week for the next episode to air, record the whole season and watch it all at once later.

Don’t Run Out of Room

Recording programs with a VCR runs the risk of running out of tape or getting taped over. This is even more troublesome if you’re recording a sporting event with an uncertain ending time. A DVR has plenty of storage to record any program, regardless of length, as well as anything else the family wants to record. You’ll never have to miss the last ten minutes of a program again! With LHTC Broadband’s neXus Retriever Whole Home DVR service, you can record up to 6 shows at once. It also gives your family the convenience of recording or watching on any TV in your home. 

The digital age has brought us many advantages, including the DVR. If you’re ready to upgrade your TV, visit LHTC Broadband. They serve the Greater Laurel Highlands area will excellent cable TV and internet service. For more information, call (724) 593-2411 or visit their website.

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