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Attorneys Share 3 Tips for Safe Driving November 21, 2017

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Attorneys Share 3 Tips for Safe Driving, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Car accidents account for a significant amount of deaths around the world each year. In many cases, they’re associated with distracted or reckless driving. The attorneys at Egan & Richgels, S.C. in La Crosse, WI, advise it’s imperative to stay focused and safe while driving and want to share some tips to help. 

3 Tips to Avoid Reckless Driving

1. Put Your Phone Down

Cell phone use behind the wheel is considered even more dangerous than drunk driving. It’s impossible to safely text and drive at the same time, and even talking on the phone can be dangerously distracting. If you cause an accident, attorneys can attribute cell phone use to reckless driving in a personal injury case, which is why it’s best to keep your phone out of sight until you arrive at your destination.  

2. Give Yourself Time

Speeding immediately increases your risk of causing an auto accident and is usually due to someone rushing when they’re running late. This also generates stress, which can be distracting. If you have an appointment, give yourself plenty of time to get there. Leaving 15 minutes early can make a huge difference and will ensure you don’t end up driving recklessly.

3. Don’t Drink & Drive

attorneysDrunk driving is dangerous no matter how many drinks you’ve had. Getting a DUI can affect your personal and work life and, worse, result in your or another driver’s death. There are many alternatives to driving drunk, such as calling a friend, taking public transportation, or calling a cab service. If you know you’ll be drinking, make plans in advance to ensure you have transportation lined up.

If you’ve been in an auto accident related to reckless driving, turn to the attorneys at Egan & Richgels, S.C. They address numerous aspects of personal injury law, and an auto accident lawyer can help you seek restitution for your damages. Call (608) 784-0087 today to schedule a consultation, and visit their website to learn more about their team and services.

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