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Top 5 Bathroom Design Tips to Make Your Space Look Bigger December 12, 2017

Middletown, Monmouth County
Top 5 Bathroom Design Tips to Make Your Space Look Bigger, Middletown, New Jersey

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, many people share a common goal—to make their space seem larger without taking down walls. After all, most homeowners are working with a set budget and limited space. That’s why Devine Creations Design—the premier home remodeling company in Monmouth County, NJ—offers their unique bathroom design expertise. Here, they’ve compiled a list of tips to make your space feel larger.

5 Bathroom Design Tips to Maximize the Space 

1. Add Depth to the Walls

One of the best things you can do to increase the perceived square footage of your space is add depth to your walls. To do this, paint them a pale, cool color like a soft blue, as this sets the scene for a serene bathing experience. You can also try a light-colored wallpaper or decorative mural.

2. Install New Lighting

Next, add extra lighting without taking up any more counter space. Install recessed lights in your ceiling and focus it on workspaces, like the sink. Then, add wall sconces for warmth, and expand corners by focusing a light or two on them.

3. Exchange the Vanity

bathroom designVanities are bulky and take up a lot of space. Try replacing yours with a smaller design, such as a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. These add delicate flair to any bathroom and allow for more space underneath.

4. Use Larger Mirrors

As with any room, mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a larger space. If you can, replace the mirror over your bathroom sink with a larger version. Or, try adding small, decorative mirrors in other spots.

5. Change the Flooring

If your flooring is on the darker end of the spectrum, swap it for a lighter variety. The change in color will automatically open up your room. If new flooring doesn’t fit into your budget, try a light-colored rug, instead.

With these bathroom design tips, you can make any small, cramped space feel like the sprawling, “me-time” oasis you’ve always wanted. If you need help along the way or are interested in other home remodeling projects, contact Devine Creations Design. With their years of experience and quality service, they can bring your vision to fruition. Simply reach out to a trusted representative by calling (732) 856-9661. You can also find more information online.

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