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What Is Parkinson’s Disease? October 31, 2017

Marlborough, Hartford County
What Is Parkinson’s Disease?, Marlborough, Connecticut

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common neurodegenerative disorders and affects millions of people around the world. It develops gradually, often without warning signs, and has no known cure. It’s important to understand this disease, as it may affect you or a loved one. By recognizing it, you can seek treatment sooner and better manage it during early onset.

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is classified as a movement disorder that usually develops after the age of 50. It affects 5 million people worldwide and is the 14th leading cause of death according to the CDCP. Parkinson’s disease manifests as dopamine-producing cells in the brain begin to die. When someone is unable to produce enough dopamine, they continue to lose control of basic body functions, including speech. Muscles have constant tremors and eventually weaken. There is no known cause of the disease, as the disruption of dopamine production can’t be attributed to any outside factor.

How Is It Treated?

parkinsons-disease-connecticut-advocates-for-parkinsonsWhile there is no cure, Parkinson’s disease is managed at home and in a health care setting. Medication is the preferred treatment for most patients, and it focuses on compensating for lower dopamine levels. Exercise and diet also help manage side effects. In the most serious cases, brain surgery is performed. To help overcome side effects, speech and physical therapy are often added to treatment plans. While they can’t slow down or reverse the disease, these treatments significantly increase the patient’s quality of life.


The staff at Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s in Marlborough, CT, is dedicated to bettering the lives of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. They contribute both to Parkinson’s research and charity organizations and are focused on finding a cure. Call (860) 266-6040 today to speak with their staff. Visit their website and Facebook to learn how to contribute to their cause.

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