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4 Benefits of Power Wheelchairs October 19, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Benefits of Power Wheelchairs, Lincoln, Nebraska

It’s easy to feel like your independence and freedom to move are limited when you have a disability. However, there are a variety of mobility devices, such as power wheelchairs, that allow you to live your life at a quick pace. The mobility experts at Lincoln Mobility in Lancaster County, NE, provide the medical equipment and supplies that help to bring comfort and ease back into the routines of those who are physically impaired.

To help you understand how mobility equipment can transform your life, they share the top benefits of power wheelchairs below:

  • Travel Quicker & Farther: Due to their motorization, power wheelchairs get you to your destination faster. And you travel farther since the wheelchair does the moving for you. The time you used to spend slowly walking to the kitchen, into a restaurant, or at the mall could be spent doing things you love.
  • power wheelchairTurn More Easily: Electric scooters are a viable mobility solution, but they do not have the sharp turning radius and compact size of other options. You can drive around with ease and avoid more accidents in a power wheelchair.
  • Handle Different Types of Terrain: Power wheelchairs are designed to travel over a variety of landscapes. Most have a rear wheel drive, which means the large wheels are in the back and the small ones are near the front. This placement makes them sturdier and more durable for a multitude of terrains
  • Maintain Independence: A power wheelchair allows you to move about without the aid of anyone else. You don’t need someone to guide you or make sure you don’t fall as you’re walking. You’ll feel more confident in your abilities and can stay in your own home longer.

If you or a loved one are looking for ways to improve mobility, give the experts at Lincoln Mobility a call at (402) 421-8800. They carry several brands of wheelchairs, including both power and manual varieties, and perform maintenance on them. View their extensive array of mobility products and medical equipment by visiting their website.

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