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3 Benefits of Wind Turbines as an Alternative Energy Source January 12, 2018

Independence Park, Anchorage
3 Benefits of Wind Turbines as an Alternative Energy Source, Anchorage, Alaska


Wind turbines provide an amazing energy source, and are one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy, just like solar power. With the US intending to increase wind energy to 20% by 2030, according to the NREL, the use of wind turbines will increase significantly in the years to come. More and more companies are opting for more environmentally friendly practices, including using various renewable products and energy sources. But what are the benefits of wind turbines, and how can they help with green remediation strategies?

Benefits of Wind Turbines

Clean Source of Energy

Wind turbines produce clean energy, which means that power created from wind doesn’t create air pollution or have destructive chemicals. They also help us eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels from other countries, therefore boosting our national economy. 

Renewable Energy Source

turbinesWind costs nothing and is always there. It is renewable, because it can never be drained or taken like non-renewable energy sources, such as fuel. Expenses for wind turbine use have significantly decreased, which makes it economically smarter to start using them more and more. As long as the wind blows, we can continue to harness the power of wind turbines and help with green remediation strategies to protect the environment. 


The energy that wind turbines create can help provide power to a great number of homes at once, which means that there are cost-effective benefits to these tools. You also don’t have to own your own wind turbine to benefit from wind energy—you can buy power from any reputable organization that uses them to provide energy. 


If you’re considering wind turbines as your energy source, or are a company in need of environmental engineering or other construction, call Marsh Creek of Anchorage, AK. They have provided services locally, as well as nationally, for construction, energy systems, and telecommunications. If you have any questions about wind turbines or other energy systems, contact the experts at Marsh Creek today by calling (907) 258-0050 or visiting their website for more info. 

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