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Any Bail Bondsman Can Do The Same Thing... Right? September 11, 2017

West Plains, Howell
Any Bail Bondsman Can Do The Same Thing... Right?, West Plains, Missouri

 In a world where consumers are looking for the lowest price, they are also increasingly seeking product quality and longevity. The first part of that sentence speaks to why some people make the wrong decision when choosing a Bail Bond company

 In any large city, one may look to roadside billboards or the Yellow Pages for a bail bond. In any city or county, one can pilfer through twenty or so business cards, a list at the jail or listen to other inmates about whom they should use to secure their release from custody of the Sheriff. 

 However, one must understand this process fully in order to make the correct decision when it comes to which company they call.

Here are a few things to consider….

  1.  You aren’t really being released. Custody is being  transferred. 
  2.  Think about the end of your case as much as you are considering the here and now.
  3.  It’s your choice! Be picky! 

Bobby Roberts, Surety Agent, Nicholas Bail Bonds

Bobby Roberts, Surety Agent  Nicholas Bail Bonds 

As to my first point, it is important that you understand, you or your loved one aren’t (for all intents and purposes) being released. Custody is being assumed by the individual with whom you choose to transact business. Pay attention to how they are dressed. Ask to meet them in their office. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them about how it all works and for how long they’ve been in business. All of these questions are pertinent. Your agent will have a multitude of questions for you. So, don’t be afraid to do your own interview as well. Remember… This individual now assumes custody of you or your loved one until the case is finished!

 It is equally important to understand that your case is not over when you leave the jail. It may feel fantastic to be free. Yet, you likely have a long process ahead of you. In any business, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is very important that you decide to hire a reputable company that will stick by you through the entirety of your case. I have seen it all too often. A defendant makes one mistake (late for court, misses a payment, forgets to check-in) and the bonding company realizes that they can pocket the money, put the defendant back in jail and drop the liability in order to open themselves to new potential business. When you hire a bail bond company, make sure your are hiring someone who will stick with you until the end and assist you when honest mistakes or misunderstandings occur. 

 Lastly, it is your choice with whom you choose to do business. If a bail agent seems pushy or in a hurry, walk away. As bail agents, we need to be fast and efficient. However, as a client, you deserve to have your concerns and questions answered thoroughly with persistent patience and genuine understanding. If a bail agent is operating out of their vehicle or lurking at the jail, this is a warning sign. These people make as little investment as possible and hope for money up front and a case to be over quickly, even if that means putting you or your loved back in jail. I cannot stress enough; if at all possible, request to meet them in their office. If they do not have an office, they are not invested in their company or their community and likewise, will not be invested in you as their client. Be Picky! 

 – Jeremy L. Nicholas, General Agent  Nicholas Bail Bonds


If you’re looking for a trustworthy professional to handle your friends or loved one’s bail, Nicholas Bail Bonds of West Plains, MO, will work hard to help you secure their release. They have built a reputation for excellent customer service and are open 24-hours a day for your convenience. Call (417) 255- 1109 to speak with a representative. Visit their website for additional information about their services.

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